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Meriva Travel Consultancy is a limited partnership enterprise founded by three partners with the vision of becoming a strategic travel company in thematic tour organizations.

We provide high quality travel services, including both tour organizations and ground services, fullfilling refined customer expectations on specific themes.


Our Philosophy:

In Turkey and neigboring countries, there is quite a professional travel industry specialized in on-ground service operations. The current network of tour operators, travel agencies and other service providers ensures a high level of customer satisfaction on standart travel packages with automated business processes.

There is, however, a bottleneck point of this increasing industrialization: The automation of operations requires standardization of products and services. Today, many tour operator offers very similar tour programs with quite competitive prices.

On the other hand, many traveler has unique and refined demands that is not fullfilled by "one size fits all" type tour packages.
For those travelers, standard tour programs meet less than they hope and expose more than they really do not want.

Meriva Travel offers lots of tailor-made travel opportunities on specific travel themes to its clients .

With our specialized consulting unit, professional official guides and contracted subject matter experts, we promise a unique travel experience for you.

The Range of Our Thematic Travel Services

  • Islamic Heritage and Culture
  • Christian Heritage in Anatolia
  • Anatolian Civilizations
  • Faith Tourism
  • Ottoman History
  • Ottoman Architecture
  • Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire) History
  • Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire) Architecture
  • Ancient Greek Heritage
  • Social Structure of Modern Turkey
  • Turkish Cuisine
  • Turkish Industry
    • Turkish Automotive Industry
    • Tuırkish Textile Industry
    • Turkish Construction Industry
    • Turkish Sub-contracted industiries
  • Health and Medicine

We are continuously expanding our service range on Thematic Travel Services.

In the year 2014, we are planning to expand our services with "Sumerian History", "Seljuk Relics", and "Armenian Relics".